Our services

We provide comprehensive chiropractic care for the whole family, including treatment of injuries like falls and car accidents, as well as both prenatal and pediatric care. We love adjusting children because they respond so well and so completely. Dr. Curzie and Dr. Foley provide safe and effective chiropractic care for pregnant women to relieve prenatal aches and pains and prepare the body for childbirth. Regardless of your age or condition, we will determine the best treatment plan for you.

Spinal adjustments are a very safe and effective method for restoring mobility and reducing pain. We believe in a more natural approach that gives long-term results, instead of short-term relief that pain medications provide. Our goal is to find and fix the underlying problem to give you a better quality of life. We offer a wide range of treatments to restore your spinal health and repair injury, and we also offer services like nutrition and weight loss counseling, physical therapy and lifestyle guidance, in addition to:

Chiropractic Care – Chiropractic care is a remarkably versatile, safe, and effective treatment modality. By applying small but efficient degrees of high-velocity, low-amplitude force, our Anchorage chiropractors can correct your spinal alignment to relieve pain and improve nerve function throughout the body.

Extremity Adjustments – the joints of the spinal column aren’t the only ones that can fall out of alignment. If a sports injury or workplace overuse injury is causing pain, targeted extremity adjustments can help your hand, foot, arm or leg feel and function well.

Gonstead Technique – The Gonstead Technique takes chiropractic treatment to the next level. Dr. Curzie and Dr. Foley are specially trained in this advanced technique, which utilizes visualization, static palpation, X-ray analysis, instrumentation and motion palpation to obtain the most accurate possible understanding of your condition.

Pediatric Chiropractic – Even infants can have trouble with spinal misalignment, and this can lead to developmental problems and childhood ailments. Our safe, gentle pediatric chiropractic care can help your child enjoy better health and comfort all the way through the school years. Our chiropractic screenings can also alert you to scoliosis early.

Prenatal Chiropractic – Pregnancy can be a challenging time for the body. Our prenatal chiropractic care can help pregnant patients cope with low back pain, fluid accumulation, neck pain and headaches. We can even help ensure that your fetus will be in a good position to turn around in the womb for a healthy delivery.

Nutritional Counseling – Healthy living requires healthy eating. We can advise you on which foods to embrace and which to avoid, from antioxidants to support immune response to anti-inflammatory foods that fight chronic pain.

Work Injury Treatment – Injured on the job? Our clinic can help you get over your symptoms and work your way back to health so you can keep providing for your family.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment – auto accidents can cause multiple injuries. We can create a custom-made treatment plan to address subluxation, soft tissue damage and other injuries.