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Extremity Adjustments

Curzie Chiropractic Introduction to Extremity Adjustments in Anchorage, AK

Curzie Chiropractic strives to make extremity adjustments as rewarding as possible. We welcome new patients, and we guide them along the treatment process even before their first visit. Here’s a little of what to expect when receiving extremities adjustments from your Anchorage, AK chiropractor.

extremity adjustment at chiropractor

What are extremities?

They are the outermost points of your body that extend from your spine. Hands, toes and feet are usually called extremities. However, your Anchorage chiropractor might also refer to the shoulder, jaw, rib, elbow and hip joints as extremities. The legs, elbows, fingers, hip, and knees might be referred as extremities as well. Usually, these outermost joints involve pain that sometimes is intense but possibly originated with a problem in the spine. 

Extremity Adjustment - What is it?

It is the realignment of the outermost joints. Extremity adjustments usually take place, however, only after your Anchorage chiropractor inspects your spine and corrects related vertebrae issues. After identifying joint subluxation (misalignment), fixations (restrictions, incorrect movement) or other irregularities; we will correct the originating spinal problems then move on to adjusting the extremity joints.

What can extremity adjustments help?

Extremity adjustments can loosen up stiff joints and can improve your ability to move your arm, leg, feet, toes or other parts. They also can combat muscle fatigue and weakness. Additionally, frozen shoulder cases that have progressed to a stiffness stage could be corrected using extremity adjustments. Any pain in the toes or feet that started from sciatic nerve back pain could also be corrected using this manual manipulation. Adjusting extremities also can eliminate the pressure that your legs or arms normally would absorb when your musculoskeletal structures are properly aligned. 

Why do chiropractors do extremity adjustments?

We usually perform them because it allows us to address your pain origins. In the process, we can eliminate the source of the problem without prescribing medication to temporarily relieve symptoms. Although a gradual treatment process could take several sessions, we recommend it because of the thorough improvements it will make in your condition. Note also that extremities adds to the work we would perform on your spine. Without extremity adjustments, the pain after your spinal adjustment might return. 

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